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Friday, 14 Aug 2020

Fiber Optic - Electrical - Instrument - Insulation - Ducting

We have pleasure in introducing our company PT. TRI SAKTI MITRA PERKASA, by enclosing brochures and brief summary of our field or Activity and Qualification.
PT. TRI SAKTI MITRA PERKASA is Company Specializing and Site Application of :


We are professional in supplying, installation, splicing, measuring of Fiber Optic Cable.
We performed for planning supplying, installation of equipment, communication, information system and security system based on fiber optic cable :

  • Onshore, Offshore, Marine, Building, Installation and Underground Installation of fiber optic and testing.
  • Splicing of fiber optic cable for single mode and multi mode.
  • Measuring of OTDR ( Optic Time Domain Reflector ) power metering , Bit error rate.
  • Supplying of hardware, accessories of fiber optic.


Responsibilities include inspection, supervision of various electrical works which include the following activities :

  • Installation of pipe conduit, cable tray, pulling cable, cable check, wiring connection, lighting termination, motor termination,and control room.
  • Installation of transformer, bus bar, megger test, grounding system, termination cabinet, lighting and fabrication support.
  • HV termination & testing.
  • Installation, Repair and maintenance of all electrical motors and associated electrical fitting and equipment in process plant.
  • Assisting Commissioning and star – up activities.
  • Inspecting an Electric material etc.
  • Preparing punch list.
  • Preparing inspection reports.


The main responsibilities include performing, inspecting, supervising of various instrumentation which include the following activities :

  • Cabinet Installation, Stanchion Installation, Air Reservoir Installation, Analyzer Installation, Main Cabling, Junction Box Installation, Cable Tray Installation,
  • Termination at Junction Box, Termination Field Instrument, Impulse Tube Installation, Signal Tubing Installation, Concrete Block Installation.
  • Material Inspection.
  • Assist/Supervise/Inspect Pre-Fabrication Works.
  • Performing Wiring Test, Pressure Test, Air Leak Test.
  • Performing Final Inspection – (Cabinet / J.B), Calibration, Loop Test.
  • Preparing punch list.
  • Trouble shooting both work and field knowledge of process control.
  • Assisting commissioning and star-up activities (Very familiar with instrument machine operation etc).


The main responsibilities include A full range of product and service are available material :

  • Ceramic, fibber, Mineral, Wool, Calcium Silicate, Polyurethane foam, foam glass, perlite, with many various types at material cladding.
  • Hot and cold application for pipes tank and pressure Vessel.


The main responsibilities include :

  • A full range of refractoriness available including insulation castables, gunning castables, insulation Bricks, Fire brick and high alumina bricks, dense and low cement castables and other related product for more sophisticated application.
  • We have fully qualified installers avaible to carry out any type of refractory, installation project with a full compliment of equipment.
  • Our services including precasting of many varies shapes, burner blocks, londers hanger brick and many other.


The main responsibilities include :

  • Our Specialising in contracting service for onshore oil & gas, petrochemical, and power plant.
  • The present management and staff at PT.TRI SAKTI MITRA PERKASA has commited it self to continually changing needs of it’s Customers and equipped.
  • with personal having long experiences who are able to undertake the most complex project in a full efficiency in order to ensure best performance to satisfy a board diversityof.

May we take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all our esteemed Client and business associates who, in one way or another have contributed to our overwhelming success. We wish to assure you of our commitment to you in future and forward to your continued trust and support.

Yours truly,