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Saturday, 11 Jul 2020

Scope of Service


The main responsibilities include performing, inspecting, supervising of various instrumentation which include the following activities :

  • Cabinet Installation, Stanchion Installation, Air Reservoir Installation, Analyzer Installation, Main Cabling, Junction Box Installation, & Cable Tray Installation.
  • Termination at Junction Box, Termination Field Instrument, Impulse Tube Installation, Signal Tubing Installation, Concrete Block Installation & Material Inspection.
  • Assist/Supervise/Inspect Pre-Fabrication Works.
  • Performing Wiring Test, Pressure Test, Air Leak Test.
  • Performing Final Inspection – (Cabinet / J.B), Calibration, Loop Test.
  • Preparing punch list.
  • Trouble shooting both work and field knowledge of process control.
  • Assisting commissioning and star-up activities (Very familiar with instrument machine operation etc).



Responsibilities include inspection, supervision of various electrical works which include the following activities :

  • Installation of pipe conduit, cable tray, pulling cable, cable check, wiring connection, lighting termination, motor termination, control room, transformer,& bus bar.
  • merger test, grounding system, termination cabinet, lighting and fabrication support.
  • Installation, Repair and maintenance of all electrical motors and associated electrical fitting and equipment in process plant.
  • Assisting Commissioning and star – up activities.
  • Inspecting an Electric material etc.
  • Preparing punch list.
  • Preparing inspection reports.