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Friday, 14 Aug 2020

Project Management Approach/Procedure



On Award of contract, PT. TRISAKTI MITRA PERKASA setup a Plant Management Team headed by a Plant Manager. Plant Manager being the person in-charge on behalf of TM is the principal contact for the client regarding the matter of overall operation and work performance. The team is a quality and result oriented group of people conductive to successful and efficient Execution of the Project.

(Site Management and Scope of Service)

Best on the detailed work programmed a site management and supervision team is formed headed by Contractions Manager who is responsibility to the Plant Manager. The Contraction Manager is the Residence site representative on behalf of TM and is the Principal Contract at job site for the day to day field Execution activities and make report to the Client’s site representative(s). He enjoys required autonomy and authority in Execution and Managing the Site Work. His Staff at site responsibility for Physical execution of the work to be carried out in observance of the following :
i. Maintain liaison and Co-ordination with the Clients representative.
ii. Take Change of All site activities is respect of organization, Technical, Administration and Commercial matters.
iii. Supervise Administration and Handling of all Plant, Equipments and Permanent material supplied to Site.
iv. Time Scheduling for all activities based on master schedule
v. Issue period site report
vi. Technical documentation required for the site work
vii. Control of all site work with regard to conformity with Drafting and Specification.
viii. Supervise and carry out agreed Test, Inspection and Quality Control Activities.
ix. Prepared and Conduct Comprehensive Safety Program.


All man power, Equipment, Vehicles, Tools-Consumable and Other facilities are mobilized based on agreed mobilization Plan.

Field Execution

Based on equipment of the project relevant document such as Drawing, Specification and Other pertinent information and supplies, a detailed Execution Plant ( Master Work Programe ) is prepared and finalized with client taking into consideration his views and Comments.

Monitoring of Progress of Work

The Master Work Programe along with the area / field work Programme networks are continuously monitored and up-dated to reflect the current progress and changes is logic. The Potential problems and delays as such as area checked against Critical path schedules and all steps are taken is order to maintain planned progress by effecting remedial measures, as necessary.

Reporting to Client & Project Meeting

During execution of the Project, Regular and periodic meetings are held between the respective representative (S) of the Client & The TM Management both at site and Corporate Levels to Consider the Actual Progress obtained and other relevant items pertaining to the Project and Further too decide on any action required to ensure satisfactory completion of the project.

Quality Assurance

The TM Project Management is responsible for all the construction work ensuring compliance with the client’s approved procedures standards, regulations and the scope of work, thought TM Quality Control Team at the work site.
Inspection and Acceptance

Inspection standards, procedures and requirement are finalized with the client. This incorporate standards an requirements from the Client(S) and also the Vendor (S) Procedure on Installation of a major equipment. As a general procedure, application are submitted to the Client Representative (S) for Inspection and acceptance of the required items in all phased based on the above standards and specification, record of such inspected item are keeps and handled over the Client after completion of TM’s Scope of work for the project Check list are prepared for the final acceptance after completion of the work for handling over to Client.

Application of Total Quality Management

According to company policies Total Quality Management (TQM) Principles are followed in all Project. Weekly TQM meeting are held to identify improvement scopes both in management quality and job execution quality. NCR and CAR Procedures are established and followed. NCR ( Non Conformance Report ) and CAR ( Correction Action Request ) Status are regularly monitored to ensure quality of work NCR and CAR Coordinators are appointed to Conduct the above.

Document Control

All incoming and out going document are recorded, Field (as Necessary) monitored distributed to concerned sections by the SDCC to the project Planning and Control Section. The Documents controller under this section distributes the necessary document to the persons concerned and takes back the not relevant revision from them.